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High level of security, speed and scalability storage with no limit.

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MyCloud Object Storage is a web service through which you can store and manage your data with the highest level of security, scalability, and availability.

Your data are stored over the cloud with no size limits and you can access it anytime, anywhere and you still can save your budget.

Customers and industries of all sizes can use it to securely store any amount of data for many use cases.

MyCloud Object Storage Features

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Saving Your Budget

MyCloud Object Storage is divided into different classes to classify your data based on the access rate to reduce your cost without losing the quality.

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99.9% Availability and Durability

99.9% availability and durability

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Anytime Anywhere Access

You can access your hosted cloud object storage from anywhere.

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Data Scalability

No size limits, you can manage your storage as per your company needs.

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Regular Backup’s Automatic Check

Our team will help you do periodic backups, automatic check, and versioning feature.

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Fast Data Transfer

Migrate any size of your data very fast.

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Automate Data Transfer

Automate data transfer between the two storage the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

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Secured Data Transfer

Your stored data are end-to-end encrypted and secured from any external threads with an advanced security systems.

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Query Analysis Services

Run queries on your data storage system using standard SQL to analyze your data and get results in seconds.

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24/7 Dedicated Experts Support

Our team of experts will help you run, configure and maintain your Object Storage systems.

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