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Secure, reliable and professional Email

30 days free for all plans.

Business Email Only Plans

Professional Exchange-based Email Service



per user /mo. for the first time

($1.5 Per user/mo. when you renew)

Email Storage
Web Access Only.
10 MB Attachment.
5 Days Keep Shift+Deleted Emails.
3 Distribution Lists



per user /mo. for the first time

($3.06 Per user/mo. when you renew)

Email Storage
Web Access + Mobile Access + Outlook Anytime Anywhere.
20MB Attachment.
20 Days Keep Shift+Deleted Emails.
10 Distribution Lists

Business Email + CloudDesktop Plans

Exchange-based Email service + Cloud storage, online Office apps, audio & video calls and internal chat.



per user /mo. for the first time

($3.5 Per user/mo. when you renew)

100 GB

50GB Email + 50GB

Web Access + Mobile Access + Outlook Anytime.
25 MB Attachment.
10 Distribution Lists.
30 Days Keep Shift+Deleted Emails.
Multi Domains Hosting.
Outlook Plugin: Send large files.



per user /mo. for the first time

($6.5 Per user/mo. when you renew)

200 GB

100GB Email + 100GB

All in Business Plan +
35 MB Attachments.
Unlimited Distribution Lists.
Unlimited Domains Hosting.
30 Days Keep Shift+Deleted Emails.
Group Approval
Mail Approval
RD Support
Email Recall.
Request Reports
Outlook Plugin: Send large files.



per user /mo. for the first time

($10 Per user/mo. when you renew)


1TB Email + 1TB Storage

All in Pro Plan +

+ Cloud Desktop Apps Included

Drive Storage

Upload and share files and collaborate with other users.
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Online Office Suite

  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations.
  • easily create and edit diagrams.
  • Notes.
  • Reminders.

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Internal Chat

Your team members can communicate faster..
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WorldPosta Outlook Plugin

Manage them all from one place, right from your Outlook interface.
Browse your Drive files and folders.
Set passwords, users permissions, and sharing options.
Upload, send and share unlimited file sizes with anyone.
Chat with your colleagues.


All Plans Includes

99.9% Guaranteed


24/7/365 support by

phone, email & chat.



Sync across all




No Ads.


data security.


Messages Daily.

Advanced Admins

Control Panel.

30 Days Money

Back Guarantee.

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Do you have large number of users? Do you need custom features?

Get custom plans for large numbers of users and customized features for enterprises.

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Email Branding

  • Get your own logo, your own colors, and your own character added to your email service interface.
  • Customize your Online Web Access interface (OWA)
  • Customized login portal for users and administrators.

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Become a Reseller

  • Promote WorldPosta products (business email +CloudDesktop; cloud storage, Online Office, audio & video calls, internal chat and more.
  • Get access to the Reseller Portal.
  • Get more users and benefit from our discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our financially-backed SLA guarantees to you at least 99.9% Uptime. In 2016 we achieved 99.9% and in 2017 we achieved 99.96%

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Is my date safe?”]

WorldPosta will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the service operational and available to the customer at least 99.9% of the time in any calendar year, WorldPosta achieved 99.96% in 2017.

If WorldPosta didn’t meet the Service Level, and if the Costumer meets its obligation under the Contract terms, Costumer will be eligible to receive Additional Service Credit (described below).

The Additional Service Credit is the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure might occur.


Service: means the Business Cloud Mail Service, provided by WorldPosta®.

Service Availability: means the ability of users (under your account) to access, retrieve information, send, and receive messages via their mailboxes using our service. Provided that your account is active and enabled.

Downtime: Means any period of time when users (under your account) are unable to access, retrieve information, send, or receive messages. Downtime is measured by the technical team of WorldPosta.

Yearly Uptime Percentage: means the total number of minutes in a calendar year, minus the number of minutes of Downtime in a calendar year, divided by the total number of minutes in a calendar year, or:

(Total Number of Minutes-Downtime Minutes)/ (Total Number of Minutes) x 100


Additional Service Credit: Means that if the Service Availability for users under your account is below 99.9% in a calendar year, WorldPosta will add service days to the end of your service term as follows:


Yearly Uptime Percentage  Additional Service Credit(Days)
<99.9% 15
<99% 30
<95% 90


[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”How do you handle server redundancy of the data and backup?”]

Yes, our technical support team is available 24/7/356.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Am I eligible for any discounts?”]

Server redundancy is implemented in an enterprise IT infrastructure where server availability is of paramount importance, Also WorldPosta implemented a high availability feature to provide redundancy and fault tolerance. It is a number of connected devices processing and providing a service. Its goal is to ensure this service is always available even in the event of a failure


WorldPosta uses redundant data centers, to distribute the data in several locations for maximum availability of data restoration, also backing up your data.


In addition, you can back up your own data be using client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc…)


Also, you can use the Restore feature that allows you to restore any shift+deleted Items within 60 days

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”What’s your restoration time?”]

WorldPosta restores the service within 30 minutes if any downtime took place.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Is Alias name feature free?”]

Error message: “Access to attachments has been blocked. Blocked attachments: <FileName>”

Direct file access lets users open files that are attached to e-mail messages and files that are stored in Windows file shares. WorldPosta Security team manages direct file access to maximums client’s data security.

The following table lists the file name extensions and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) types that, by default, are set to Allow, Block, or Force Save

Allow File and MIME types in the Allow list can be opened from Outlook Web App if the application that’s needed to open the files is installed on the client computer. Allow overrides Block and Force Save.

Block File and MIME types in the Block list can’t be opened. Block overrides Force Save and is overridden by Allow.

Force Save File and MIME types in the Force Save list must be saved to the client computer before they can be opened. Force Save is overridden by Allow and Block.


Option Description Default file name extensions Default MIME types
Allow This option specifies the file types that are always enabled for direct file access. .rpmsg, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .pptx, .pptm, .ppsx, .ppsm, .docx, .docm, .xls, .wmv, .wma, .wav, vsd, .txt, .tif, .rtf, .pub, .ppt, .png, .pdf, .one, .mp3, .jpeg, .gif, .doc, .bmp, .avi image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif, image/bmp
Block This option specifies the file types that are always blocked from direct file access. .ade, .adp, .asx, .app, .asp, .aspx, .bas, .bat, .cer, .chm, .cmd, .com, .cpl, .crt, .csh, .dir, .dcr, .der, .exe, .fxp, .hlp, .hta, .inf, .ins, .isp, .its, .js, .jse, .ksh, .lnk, .mad, .maf, .mag, .mam, .maq, .mar, .mas, .mat, .mau, .mav, .maw, .mda, .mdb, .mde, .mdt, .mdw, .mdz, .msc,.msh, .msh1, .mshxml, .msh1xml, .msi, .msp,.mst, .ops, .pcd, .pif, .plg, .prf,.prg, .ps1, .ps2, .psc1, .psc2, .ps1xml, .ps2xml, .pst, .reg, .scf, .scr, .sct, .shb, .shs, .spl, .swf, .tmp, .url, .vb, .vbe, .vbs, .vsmacros, .vss, .vst, .vsw, .ws, .wsc, .wsf, .wsh, .xml, .exe application/x-javascript, application/javascript, application/msaccess, x-internet-signup, text/javascript, application/prg, application/hta, text/scriptlet
Force Save This option specifies the files that users can access only after they’ve saved them to the local computer. .vsmacros, .mshxml, .aspx, .xml, .wsh, .wsf, .wsc, .vsw, .vst, .vss, .vbs, .vbe, .url, .tmp, .swf, .spl, . shs, .shb, .sct, .scr, .scf, .reg, .pst, .prg, .prf, .plg, .pif, .pcd, .ops, .mst, .msp, .msi, .msh, .msc, .mdz, .mdw, .mdt, .mde, .mdb, .mda, .maw, .mav, .mau, .mat, .mas, .mar, .maq, .mam, .mag, .maf, .mad, .lnk, .ksh, .jse, .its, .isp, .ins, .inf, .hta, .hlp, .fxp, .dir, .dcr, .csh, .crt, .cpl, .com, .cmd, .chm, .cer, .bat, .bas, .asx, .asp, .app, .adp, .ade, .ws, .vb, .js Application/x-shockwave-flash, Application/octet-stream, Application/futuresplash, Application/x-director, Application/xml, text/xml
[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”What about a money-back guarantee?”]

Error message: “The WebReady Document Viewing service isn’t working correctly because an error occurred.”

– Error message: “The document cannot be converted by the WebReady Document Viewing service because it is larger than the maximum size limit set by the administrator for your organization”.

– Error when opening attachment in OWA.


When you receive a message with supported attachment type (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf files, most image files), some files types will open in a window next to your reading pane, you can read it and (in some cases you can edit) without leaving the OWA page.

If you can’t read / view /edit supported attachments in OWA, that’s may be due to your internet connection causes a time out with our servers (recommended 1MB internet plan).

Maximum size limits are set on mailboxes to help control the size of messages that can be sent or received. The maximum message size limits apply to the total size of a message. This includes the message header, the message body, and any attachments, make sure the total size does not exceed 35 MB.

If the attachment can’t be opened in the preview window, you’ll be prompted to download the attachment.

IMPORTANT: To view and edit office documents in the browser with no errors you need Microsoft office online server (available only with SharePoint package, currently not supported by WorldPosta)

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Is group mail free?”]

Your local internet bandwidth is what determines how much data can pass through your network at once if it is being heavily used; performance problems start to occur.

Your local administrators can provide you with other connection utilities (4G USB, Wi-Fi, etc.) or increase the internet bandwidth speed to change your experience with mail, It’s recommended to use at least (1MB) internet connection plan [for every 25 users in your organization].

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Where’re your datacenters?”]

Yes, and you can use it from WorldPosta Control Panel.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Is migration process free?”]

Yes, it’s free.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Is your support available 24/7?”]

Yes, we offer free migration for standard cases.