Organizations – add new organization


If you having more than one organization and you want to separate them, With WorldPosta Control Panel Hosted Organization Feature you can manage both of them via your account; one WorldPosta account.

In order to do that, you must first add your new organization domains in the Domains section.

Add domain

How to add a domain

1. Open WorldPosta Control Panel (

2. in System section, click on Domains.

3. Click on Add Domains.

4. Click on Domain to add a Top-Level Domain (TLD) or Sub-domain to add a sub-domain for already added top-level domain

5. In the Domain Name field, enter your domain.

When you finish, click on Add Domain.

Now, in order to be able to add your domains to the domains list, you must add it to the accepted domains.

Add organization

When you add a domain, you can add a new organization:

. From the sidebar, click on the organization menu > Hosted Organization.

This part will show you the statistics of your current organization

To add a new organization:

Click on Hosted Organization on the top of the page

A new page will appear. Click on Create New Organization.

Enter your Organization Name, and Organization ID, then select Create Organization.

How to switch between organizations

You can easily switch between your organizations by choosing from the top-left-corner menu.