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If you have more than one organization and you want to separate them, with WorldPosta Control Panel Hosted Organization Feature you can manage both of them via your account; one WorldPosta account.

How to add a new organization with a new domain?

1. Click on “Organizations and Domains” from the dashboard.

2. Click on the “plus icon” button at the top right corner.

3) Enter the new organization name, enter the new Domain Name, and click on “Save”.

– The accounts’ address book for the newly added organization and domain will be totally separated, with each organization having an address book that is not seen by the other organizations.

How to add a new domain or subdomain for the same organization?

1) Click on “Organizations and Domains” from the dashboard and then click on the “Add Domain” button.

2) Add the new domain or subdomain name and then click on “Save”.

– You can add new domains for the same organization and the accounts will have the same address booklist.
-You can create an alias for an email with different domains under the same organization.
*Alias means that a mailbox can have other names and you will be able to receive emails at any name; however, you should send via one name which will be the primary name.
Email aliases are particularly useful for handling multiple domains as when an organization has multiple domains, providing multiple email addresses becomes simple by adding aliases to the account.
For example: if you created a new domain called “” under the same organization having already a domain “”: when you open a mailbox under that organization, in the Email-Address tab, you will have the option to create [email protected] or [email protected].

Steps to list the organization’s details.

1) Click on “Organizations and Domains” from the dashboard.
2) Choose the organization you want to preview its details.

3) Click on the “View Organization” button.

4) And here you will find the organization’s details.

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