Assign a task

Assign a task

  1. Choose  Tasks icon on Outlook quick access bar  on the quick access bar or Tasks on the navigation bar.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose  New task icon  on the ribbon or press Ctrl+Shift+K to create a task.


    • Open an existing task.
  1. Choose Assign Task.


  1. In the task form, do the following:
    • In the To box, enter a name or an email address.
    • Add a Subject, choose a Start date and Due date, and set Status and Priority as needed.


    • Accept or clear the default selection of the two check boxes: Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list and Send me a status report when this task is complete.
  1. If you want the task to be repeated, select Recurrence from the ribbon, then select the options you want in the Task Recurrence dialog box, and then choose OK.
  2. Choose Send.

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