Outlook empty but see the number of unread messages visible in WorldPosta Webmail

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Problem: Don’t find any emails on outlook although I can see the number of unread messages in every folder.

After migration for IMAP folders to WorldPosta Exchange mailboxes, users often discover their emails or messages are not visible. This is because the exported folders kept the properties and views associated with the IMAP account. The default IMAP view is Hide messages marked for deletion and Exchange doesn’t support marking messages, so the view hides all messages. Migrated folders will use IMAP views and force “Filter Applied” in the status bar, as seen in the screenshot, and of course, no messages are visible in the folder.

E:\Roaya_WP\Technical issues\project problems\view outlook.PNG
Solution: By changing the view to IMAP the messages will be visible.

  1. From View tab in Outlook
  2. Change View
  3. Imap Messages


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