Unable to connect to WorldPosta Exchange system


This article will help you to deeply troubleshoot outlook failure in connection to WorldPosta Exchange system while trying to automatically configure your account using autodiscover configuration, and solve the problem that causes the following message;
you are expected to be unable to automatically set up your Outlook profile and face this message while configuration

• Note: If any method doesn’t resolve the problem, go to the next Method. until finding the problem cause.
This message doesn’t indicate that WorldPosta mail server doesn’t support encryption connection, it means outlook can’t get the correct settings to connect to the mail server or there is an obstacle has interrupted the connection between the outlook client and the server. This may be caused by incomplete or missing autodiscover records in DNS, Internal network reason or other reasons as will be mentioned below;

1. You can release this problem by manually setup your account to guide the autodiscover configuration to the server name directly.

The following are the troubleshooting step showed to release such case:

  1. Ensure that you entered email address and password correctly. “test via login to webmail”
  2. Make sure that your outlook version is updated to the latest, by checking the following links for Microsoft Office 2010 service pack:-

For 32-Bit Edition:-
For 64-Bit Edition:-

2.  SRV record “therefore auto discover” are missed or not created correctly in your public DNS. ADD SRV correctly, to be sure from SRV validity you can test connectivity using that link


When the test is performed, determine whether it’s successful.
If it is successful, Autodiscover is working correctly.
If it fails:

3. verify that the Autodiscover service is set up correctly. For more information, see the following resources:

  1. Add SRV record to your internal DNS: force the autodiscover configuration to search a host name that is listed on your local domain. This is actually fairly simple to do. The following steps to configure the Service Locator record in your internal domain.
  2. From the DNS manager on your Domain Controller.
  3. Domain’s Forward Lookup Zone “the same domain which is hosted on WorldPosta if it is not exist you can create new zone then add the domain”.
  4. Right click on the Zone name and select Other New Records.
  5. Select Service Location (SRV) from the list.
  6. Enter the settings as shown below:
WorldPosta SRV Record
 Name: @ 
 Target: autodiscover.worldposta.com 
 Protocol: _tcp. 
 Service: _autodiscover 
 Priority: 0 
 Weight: 0 
 Port: 443

4. Allow the following service on the firewall to connect to WorldPosta


Open these Ports

Services Application Port
HTTP (OWA & Solid) HTTP 80
HTTPS (OWA &Solid & Auto discover) SSL 443
IMAPS (IMAP – Incoming Server) SSL 993
SMTPS (IMAP – Outgoing Server) SMTP 465


5. Anti-Virus

1.  In the Settings view, open the Protection tab and select Anti-Spam in the right frame. Click the switch to disable the component. As shown below:- 


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