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After setting up your domain to WorldPosta and verifying it, you will be able to send from the accounts of this domain but will not be able to receive any emails until you change your DNS and create the following records.

There are three records you must create to change your DNS to WorldPosta and to perfectly send and receive emails from WorldPosta without any problems.

SRV, TXT, and MX

  • MX: It should be configured to receive emails on your WorldPosta domain accounts.
  • SRV: It is the record that is responsible for autodiscover configuration service without which you will be able to send and receive emails by using WorldPosta Web App but it will be impossible to automatically configure your Outlook client or mobile using autodiscover connection.
  • SPF: It is responsible for sending emails with maximum deliverability as it contains some factors you should have for optimum deliverability.

SRV Record

Note: Any existing SRV record that contains autodiscover should be deleted in order to successfully create WorldPosta SRV.

  1. Select Advanced Zone Editor from Domains section.
  2. Type: “SRV”
  3. Name: “”.
  4. TTL: 14400
  5. Priority: 0
  6. Weight: 0
  7. Port: 443
  8. Target:
  9. Click “Add Record” to save your work.

You are required to replace with your domain name.

Note: After saving the SRV record, you can test if it is valid and if you created it correctly or not via testing connectivity.

Your CPanel account might not find SRV record type which means that it does not support the SRV record and you are required to transfer your DNS from CPanel to another DNS hosting provider.

This will not affect any other service you are hosting on CPanel.

TXT Record

  1. Type: TXT
  2. Name:
  3. TTL: 14400
  4. TXT Data: v=spf1 mx –all
  5. Click on “Add Record” to save your work.

For MX Record, you search for MX or

Note: If there is any other MX record, you must delete it.

  1. Select “Zone Editor” from Domains
  2. Click +MX Record
  3. Priority: 0, Destination:, Click on Add an MX Record.
  4. Priority: 5, Destination:, Click on Add an MX Record.
  5. Priority: 10, Destination:, Click on Add an MX Record.
  6. Priority: 15, Destination:, Click on Add an MX Record.

After creating the above MX records, they will be displayed as shown.

Check MX propagation after saving your work to be sure from MX creation validity. You also check via receiving from any personal account “non-WorldPosta hosted account”.

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