Rules/filters in OWA

Rules/filters in OWA

Rules / filters

Rules in WorldPosta Mail are like filters you set to automatically organize your incoming emails, by setting conditions for actions you can easily set up many filters as you want.

How rules work

When you receive an email message, it will be filtered on delivery, you define rules that apply.


– When you receive a message from, you want it to go automatically into Manager Folder.

– When you receive a message contains a specific word in the subject (Example: personal), you want to automatically delete it.

Rules and actions

To create a rule

1. Go to Settings
settings update your profile install software an - Rules/filters in OWA
Options > Organize email.

2. Click on
word image 63 - Rules/filters in OWA
the icon to view the menu.

word image 64 - Rules/filters in OWA


you can also set a rule by right-click on a message > Create rule…

from the three-dotted menu in the reading pane, select Create rule…

Automatic Replies

You can set an automatic reply to be sent in a specific time period if you are out of office or after the working ours.

1. Go to Settings
settings update your profile install software an 1 - Rules/filters in OWA
Options > Organize email> select Automatic Replies from the top of the page.

2. To turn it off, select Don’t send automatic replies

To activate it, select Send automatic replies

then start composing your autoreply using the editor.

word image 65 - Rules/filters in OWA

You can set a specific time by checking Send replies only during this time period, or uncheck it if you want the replies sent always when someone sends you a message.

3. When you finish, click Save.