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SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions can now be hosted on MyCloud supporting more intelligent decisions
for business success with no need to worry about expenses

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MyCloud can now guarantee the fastest and most secure deployment for SAP Business Objects while provisioning the
needed infrastructure resources just in few hours to be fully up and running with full availability

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The Scalability
for infrastructure

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The best
and high availability

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better and faster
data processing

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Pay as you go
according to your
business needs

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Use intelligent process
automation supported
by BI technologies

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24/7 supported
daily with an
expert team

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With SAP BusinessObjects deployed on MyCloud, you can gain access to SAP’s BI Suite of tools, including operational reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards and visualizations, data exploration, and more within minutes. With options to buy or bring your own SAP BusinessObjects licenses in various quantities, this offering makes accessing and setting up your SAP BusinessObjects environment as easy as entering a credit card and license key (BYOL)

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