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MyCloud is Now SAP-certified and you can enjoy hosting your SAP business suite on your own
highly secured cloud,with better performance, faster data access and processing, automatic
scalable resource allocation in response to your workload

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Save your budget

you can pay as you go according to the needed and actually used resources in any instance with no upfront costs

Best performance

Using intelligent technologies such as Intel Optane memory and Intel scalable processor you can achieve the fastest and best performance

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Vector Suite3 - SAP Business Suite

Scalable and flexible resource

No need to worry about the workload and amount of data due to the automatic resource provisioning

Customer support team

A team of experts is available 24/7 daily for your service

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Vector Suite6 - SAP Business Suite

High security

A highly secure and powerful system that could be upgraded and managed easily, with the ability to monitor the network traffic and the whole system against any unusual activity, ransomware or malware to protect your cloud

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