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MyCloud uses a Variety of Security Systems to Prevent Data Breaches

MyCloud Security systems for VMware customers are made to increase consolidation rates, accelerate and complete their virtualization tasks, fully leverage your VMware environment, and maximize their performance.

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Protection layer for the VM itself

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Vulnerability blocking and protection against known and unknown threats in web & enterprise applications, and operating systems.

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Identify suspicious activity and behavior, and take preventive measures.

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Detect and block threats to endpoints (viruses, spywares, network worms, data exposure, and web threats).

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Lower overall cost of security management.

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Detailed reports for prevented attacks and policy compliance status, and encryption policies for cloud servers.

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Apply and enforce a consistent set of security policies across virtualized desktops and servers.

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Reduce administrative and management costs, associated with gateway security.

Deep Security Options for VMware Virtual Machines


  • Integrated with VMware to provide anti-malware protection for VMware virtual machines
  • Optimized security operations to avoid antivirus storms.
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Integrity Monitoring

  • A timely protection systems against known and zero-day attacks by detecting and reporting malicious and unexpected changes to files, systems registry and hypervisor in real time.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Vulnerability protecting for virtualized machines.
  • Enables PCI compliance by defending against vulnerabilities and identifies malicious software accessing the network.
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  • MyCloud layers of firewalls is designed to decreas the attack of cloud and virtual servers with central management of
  • Supports virtual machine zoning and prevents Denial of Service attacks (DDoS).

Log Inspection

  • MyCloud log inspection provides you with visibility into important security events.
  • Analysis of operating system and application logs, security events and administrative events across your environment.
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Benefits of Our Security System

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Higher Density

Our systems offload security scans from individual virtual machines to a single security virtual appliance on each vSphere host

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Optimized Resources

Our systems eliminate antivirus storms and resource contention from multiple security agents

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Simplified Management

Eliminating agents and the need to configure and update each one

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Stronger Security

Our systems provide instant protection for new virtual machines.

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Dedicated 24/7 Team of Security Experts.

  • Evaluating and auditing your security systems.
  • Consult experts for the best security measures.
  • Configuring, maintaining and maintaining your security systems.

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