Security Features designed for business

We understand how crucial the security of your emails means to you and your business.
That is why all our email services come with multi-layer firewall and multi-layer virus protection.
Get rid of persistent spam with our smart multi-layer anti-spam system and more..

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Intelligent, built-in anti-spam for every user

Email spam can affect your daily operations, reports estimate that 60% of the global email traffic is spam or a malware. For business mail that deals with a great amount of emails traffic every day, any malware or spyware can do a great harm to your data and network.

WorldPosta® uses many layers of security systems and anti-spams to scan inbound and outbound messages, and reduce the spam that reaches your mailbox.

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Sandboxing technology

WorldPosta® sandboxing technology means that WorldPosta security system will hold any suspicious content and test it in isolated environment to determine if it’s safe to pass to the recipient.

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Zero-Day-Attack prevention technologies

WorldPosta protection system will secure you from zero-day’ exploits with real time protection deployed in our systems.

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End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)

Prevent unwanted access to your email messages with a complete end-to-end encryption system. Regardless of how you access your email, end-to-end encryption will prevent unauthorized access to your email messages until it arrives at your recipient’s inbox.

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Multi-Layer Security

Send and receive your email with a peace of mind knowing that our security system will keep it safe and secure. With a multi-layer firewall and a multi-layer anti-virus system, You will be able to send and receive your electronic messages without any unwanted incidents or access.

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Our cloud servers are protected by multi-layer firewall to prevent threats and attacks that could harm your data.

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Physical security

WorldPosta datacenters are secured physically; secured, undisclosed locations, equipped with the most advanced tools to ensure the safety of your data.