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Our certified Team of Experts will help you manage SharePoint on the cloud.

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MyCloud Team will give you your own customized, configured and supported SharePoint on a wide variety of platforms.

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Focus on your core business

MyCloud Team will handle all the time-consuming tasks, including:

  • Manage.
  • Maintain.
  • Monitor.
  • Backup.

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Customized, best-fit environment

We can deploy and manage your SharePoint in the environment that fits your needs:

  • Azure.
  • AWS.
  • VMware.

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Your SharePoint your way

MyCloud gives you complete administrative permissions, you can customize your SharePoint to fit your needs.

An optimized SharePoint solution.

Focus on your core business.

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Minimize costs

  • Get the ultimate outcome from your SharePoint system with the minimum cost for maintenance, support and optimization.
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Full control

  • Get the full control you need to run your system without the need to be fully responsible for the environment.
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Save time and effort

  • Less time and no headache! Our team will monitor, support and enhance your SharePoint system.
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Experts dedicated to help you.

  • Our experienced and qualified SharePoint experts with up-to-date knowledge are here to assist you with enhancing and optimizing your system.
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