SaveShareEdit your files
from one place.


Make your teams work together!


Document editor
and viewer

Use Office Online to view or edit your documents.


Link your GDrive
and Dropbox

Easily browse your files on Google drive or Dropbox, right from the interface.


Upload files right
from Outlook

With WorldPosta CloudDesktop Outlook Plugin, you can directly upload and attach large files to your message.


Sharing and collaboration

The easiest way to sync and share data among your employees, With CloudDesktop Storage your data is wherever you are, accessible on all devices anytime

Stored in the cloud

With WorldPosta CloudDesktop storage, all of your team’s files are stored in the cloud,makesch make it accessible, editable, and sharable from any device.

Safe and secure

You data is under your control, it’s all about your privacy and making sure that your files are protected

Dedicated live support

Our support team offers you a dedicated support, live, 24/7 with a dedicated project manager to make sure that everything is working as it should be.


Easy access

whenever you want, wherever you want!

End-to-end Encryption

Share files with confidence.

Files Snapshots

Keep track of all versions for all files

File retention

Automatically keep or delete files after a given time

Share Point

Easy way to access SharePoint data in the same place where they find their files.

Create and edit your documents on the spot

Edit and create your work documents; Word files, spreadsheets, presentations and more via OnlyOffice, with a familiar user Interface.


Create and edit diagrams

Create flowcharts, diagrams, UMLs, networks diagrams and more.