Switch between Accounts & Open Another User’s Mailbox

Note: To use this feature, you must get full access to the mailbox that you wish to open.

Where to sign in to WorldPosta business Email?

Sign in at mail.worldposta.com

Switch between accounts

If you’re signed in with one account and want to sign in to another account, you can do the following:

a) Sign out: you can simply sign from the signed in account, then sign in to the new account.

Open other user’s mailbox

You can open another user’s mailbox (you need a permission to do this from your account admin).

Simply open your WorldPosta webmail [mail.worldposta.com] click on your name > open another mailbox and type the other mailbox Email address.

Note: If the mailbox doesn’t open and you get the following error message instead:”Something went wrong, you don’t have permission to open this mailbox.
Then you need to make sure that you have gained full access to that mailbox.


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