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Inhouse VS cloud exchange

In-House or Cloud Exchange? Each corporate has its own email database that needs to be stored safely and efficiently. As a business owner, you may have a lot of concerns regarding how to store your company’s data and communications including sensitive ones. Some of these concerns are where to store... Continue reading


Messaging Protocols

Messaging Protocols Have you ever wondered how machines or servers can talk to each other? Yes they can talk exactly like a human being but with a different language When I was young my older sister used to teach me how we signal our brain to hear what other people... Continue reading

deliverability - Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability When sending an email to your recipient you don’t only expect the delivery of this email, but you intended the RIGHT delivery, in other words, you expect the message to be delivered to their inbox. Email deliverability is the measure of the successfully received emails to the intended... Continue reading

Sketch 9 - The Perfect Email Service Provider

The Perfect Email Service Provider

The perfect email service provider Picking your email service provider is a very critical decision that will have an effect on your work growth and success. Choosing your email service provider is like choosing the right person to help you effectively achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks. That person... Continue reading

email migration

What is Email Migration?

What is Email Migration? Well, migrating is defined by “Moving” from one place to another to be settled. Humans can migrate, animals can migrate, and machines too. Yes machines can migrate from one end to another, of course migrating here doesn’t mean moving the machine from one place to another,... Continue reading

blog 1 1 - WorldPosta and HostGator’s Email Service: A Quick Comparison

WorldPosta and HostGator’s Email Service: A Quick Comparison

Businesses today need an email solution that provides, safe, secure, and reliable communication and storage. Messages should be secure and encrypted to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Inboxes and storage should be protected from viruses that can wreak havoc on a business’s data and systems. Anti-spam filters should ensure... Continue reading