The Perfect Email Service Provider

Sketch 9 - The Perfect Email Service Provider

The perfect email service provider

Picking your email service provider is a very critical decision that will have an effect on your work growth and success.
Choosing your email service provider is like choosing the right person to help you effectively achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks. That person either stands by your side and proves to be a reliable one, or disappoint you and uncover your work secrets to the outside. So choose wisely!

WorldPosta the Perfect email service provider

Imagine that you are the one responsible to choose the right ESP for your company,
you should be concerned about the following point that will help you make your decision:

-Your Budget:
Are you worried about your budget? You are just starting your business and you don’t have enough income?

You don’t have to worry WorldPosta have “Plans” for you!
If you are a startup or your business has already grown, you still can have your email service with the best prices that vary between 1.3$ annually per user giving you 5GB, up to 5$ annually per user giving you 1TB.
And even more, plans that suit your needs and budget.

- The features you need:
The email service is not just for sending traditional emails, but some other features could be used to make things easier and more organized, as an example, we could mention:
The shared calendar option: having all the events and meetings scheduled and shared between the concerned people.
You can also check the calendar for your manager as an example so if you want to have a meeting with him you can find the available free slot to reserve a meeting

An address book: is available to store and display a list of all the contacts within the company making the communication easier and faster to find the needed address either for a chat or for sending an email address, you can choose the suitable way of connection.

Tracking Messages: You can track a specific subject or a word by setting a number of rules in order not to lose track of a certain important topic you wish to follow up on

Monitoring: You can monitor the mailbox for your employees by having the option to accept or reject an email before being sent to recipients and you could also include a comment explaining the reasons for rejection.

Grouping: You can set groups for your contacts, as for an example, Have a group with the name “IT department” another group “HR department”.
That way if you need to address a specific department in your company you can simply choose the corresponding created group.

Incredible Search: A quick and effective advanced search tool is available to help you reach the needed lost email. You can search with keywords included in the message body or even in attached file content.

Messages Recall: Recall any email before being read by the recipients

Templates: You can choose the suitable template base on the type of email you are sending

Accessibility: You can access your email address from anywhere anytime, all the data are synched.

Automated emails: You can send automatic emails at the scheduled time

-Security and deliverability:

One of the most important features you should be looking for in your ESP is the security level, which will lead to a better deliverability.
Through your email, you are sharing your company’s sensitive data, so you need to make sure that it’s 100% protected.
Well, the good news is you can sit and relax! WorldPosta is here to protect you.
WorldPosta have a dedicated intelligent built-in protection system, consisting of multi-layers of filtering to prevent any suspicious unwanted messages to even reach your email system.
Let me discuss briefly some of these tools:

SPF records: Sender Policy Framework, it’s an email authentication protocol or it’s also called as validation system that allows the domain name owner to define a list of IPs, only this list can send emails on behalf of this domain.
When an email is sent the email receiver start to try matching the IP received from the sender with the SPF records.
If it matched any of the records, the email is sent successfully as intended otherwise the sent email fails the SPF test and may be rejected by the email receiver or marked as suspicious.
This feature could ensure that no one could use your email address to send fake messages which will affect your reputation score in a negative way leading to a lower delivery rate.

Sender ID: it’s an authentication method that compares the sender’s address with the IP address in order to make sure if he is authorized to send an email using that domain

Reverse Domain Name Service (rDNS): it’s used to resolve IP address into domain name working as a spam filter so that if the IP address does not match the domain name the message will be blocked

Domain keys identified Mail (DKIM): it’s also an authentication method to make sure that the domain name is not a spoofed one

WorldPosta uses multiple scanning detection systems, each having his own architecture, combined together to form a strong army and an unbreakable wall to prevent any harm from getting into your email system

Sand-box technique it’s a technique used where messages are tested in a real-time environment similar to the one at the user side in order to predict and spot any suspicious contents or behaviour.

With WorldPosta emails are scanned at the gateway

WorldPosta allow to automatically delete and clean your system from any virus

WorldPosta provide the user with a report for some viruses that tried to attack the email system

By using WorldPosta email provider you can set the option to send you a feedback on spammed emails by sending you back the message content and email address of the subscriber who marked your email as a spam. So using this feedback you may learn what went wrong with this client to mark your message as a spam or you may decide to exclude his/her email from any future communications.
This option helps you to increase your deliverability rate

All these reliable smart techniques combined together can guarantee the perfect protection for your data and the highest delivery rates.

-Customer Service:

One of the important considerations while choosing a good ESP is the customer service.
The team that you depend on when facing an issue with your problem, with WorldPosta this reliable team is available 24/7 to solve all and any problem facing your system.