Update bulk mailboxes

Update bulk mailboxes:

If you want to make big changes in your users’ information, you can easily do this with only a few steps, instead of updating them one by one.

You can edit your current users’ information such as first and last name, Email address, password, and mailbox type.

How to update bulk mailboxes?

1. Access your control panel using your credentials. (www.admin.worldposta.com).

2. From your dashboard under Hosted organization section, click on  Bulk Modules.  .


bulk 1111 1 - Update bulk mailboxes

3. Under Update Bulk Mailboxes section click on Export current user information.


update 1 - Update bulk mailboxes

This will download a list of your current users’ information in a .CSV file, you can open it using MS Excel or any other spreadsheet editor, and it will look like this.

c users dell appdata local temp snaghtml3f0bc15 p - Update bulk mailboxes

4. Edit and update the information you want, then save the changes.

5. When you finish, go back to the control panel, and upload it back.


update 1 1 - Update bulk mailboxes


6. When the upload is finished, click on Update Mailboxes.