Cloudflare: What it is and how does it work


It’s a web performance and security company, it speeds up and protects millions of websites, Mobile applications, SaaS products (software as a service product) and APIs (Application programming protocol)

The main key points and vs for Cloud Flare are as follow:Cloudflare: What it is and how does it work

● Performance
● Security
● Reliability
● Insight


This is a challenging value, with the continuous increase and growth of users either for mobile applications or internet applications or websites which in turn increase the flow and traffic load making the server unable to function with a high performance or to even function at all if it’s super loaded.

CloudFlare work on accelerating mobile applications, internet applications and ensure application availability.

How are they improving performance?

By having a number of data centres running an integrated performance features to solve main problems that could cause a low performance.

For example, taking about accelerating internet applications, during the process of requesting an internet application to open till the point of delivering this application to the client, the client can face lots of obstacles that can slow down the overall performance.

Some of these obstacles are:

-The long distance between the client and the internet application server:

CloudFlare has over 150 datacenters that work globally on bringing any data requested to anywhere. CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network) caches static contents of websites which are reducing latency to delivering the user request.

-DNS resolution:

They work on accelerating the DNS process that is resolving the received domain name into an IP address, which accelerates the overall process of accessing the intended application.

-Internet application standards:

CloudFlare work on reducing connection time, compressing data and control the caching content

-Content optimization:

reduce images size which leads to a faster delivery.

-Balancing the network load:

by routing request to the nearest origin server

Another example we can talk about is how CloudFlare ensures application availability. The main reasons for an application to be unavailable are either a traffic overload over a network that is causing a high congestion and reach of the network bandwidth or the server is experiencing some kinds of failure or errors causing downtime. Another tricky reason that could cause an application to disappear is DDOS attack, Distributed Denial Of Service, it’s an attack from several sources that target a server or a network in order to prevent the service offered from being provided to the clients connected to that system by overwhelming the attacked system with traffic that prevents the normal traffic to reach the meant client which leads to a “service denial”.

How does CloudFlare face these performance problems?

CloudFlare network consists of 151 data centre across 58 countries, which is a reliable backbone to prevent downtime or unavailability

CloudFlare system have security services that are able to protect the client application from DDOS attacks and data breaches

And also Balancing the load by routing traffic away from failed servers



CloudFlare offers the following security features to protect their clients’ systems:

-DDOS Attacks protection
-Data Breach protection
-Block hackers and spammers
-offer SSL protection
-uses web application firewall (WAF) to protect the internet property from attacks
-CloudFlare is limiting the rate of requests as they can detect users with suspicious rates and block them



CloudFlare offers DNS services resolving 60 billion DNS queries per day which is a reliable property that ensures that their clients’ website is always online and available to anyone so that all visitors can reach the website content.

What about the pricing?

Well with CloudFlare the rates are flat and predictable and paid monthly.

China Network: Another reliable point is that CloudFlare has created a globally integrated network for visitors inside and outside China where the clients can benefit from all CloudFlare security and performance related features



CloudFlare offers analytical reports for all insights for their client, not just by providing visitors’ log, but also threats, search engine crawlers and Audit logs that made monitoring configuration changes easy.

As a conclusion, CloudFlare is a company offering services that make sites faster, protect them from attacks and ensure availability, they supercharge websites regardless to their size or growth with no need to add any hardware, install a software or add any codes.