WorldPosta and HostGator’s Email Service: A Quick Comparison

blog 1 1 - WorldPosta and HostGator’s Email Service: A Quick Comparison

Businesses today need an email solution that provides, safe, secure, and reliable communication and storage. Messages should be secure and encrypted to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Inboxes and storage should be protected from viruses that can wreak havoc on a business’s data and systems. Anti-spam filters should ensure that unsolicited and unwanted email messages do not clog up the inbox.


With the abundance of business email solutions available today, selecting the right one for your business has become difficult.


While we are confident that WorldPosta can provide the service you need with the reliability and quality service you want, we’ve prepared a short comparison between the service we provide and the email solution HostGator offers.



Business communication needs to be sent to and received by the intended recipients only. With that in mind, WorldPosta provides SSL encryption to ensure that only the sender and intended recipients have access to the contents of the message.


While HostGator offers SSL encryption as an addon you can purchase, we provide it as an essential part of our email service.



Deleted Email Restoration

Mistakes happen. One mistake in particular, completely deleting emails from existence, can turn into huge disasters.



Unlike HostGator, WorldPosta users can restore files that have been deleted up to 60 days earlier at no extra cost.




A protected email service helps protect your business and its systems. With the ever-evolving world of computer viruses and electronic security.


Antivirus protection is another essential aspect of email security that HostGator lacks.


Because we understand how important and crucial your email systems are to you, WorldPosta provides a multi-layered antivirus system that ensures no harm will sneak into your mailbox.





A business that operates as one synchronised unit needs to have a constantly updated calendar shared among all its departments and employees. And while HostGator provides a simple and basic calendar for its users, WorldPosta provides businesses using its email service a completely synchronised and shared calendar to help keep everyone on track.



Mailing Lists

Sending email messages to several users in an effective and efficient way is made possible with mailing lists. And unlike HostGator’s simple and basic email system, WorldPosta allows for dynamic distribution lists for more effective communication between the various departments in the organization.



Much More - Much Better

With group moderation, mobile control, advanced search indexing, sandbox technology, and more, WorldPosta provides a world-class business email solution that enhances communication. WorldPosta offers better tools and advanced systems that make business and organizational communication more fluid and reliable.