WorldPosta IncredibleSearch


WorldPosta IncredibleSearch

As your email inbox grows you may find yourself overwhelmed and lost in a list of unrelated threads with trillion subjects and you will start to try organizing these emails into billion folders in order to make the very complex process of searching for an email, to be just complex.

But what about WorldPosta IncredibleSearch feature?

Yes, it’s the key to solve this complexity, simply by typing a word that you remember from the message content or by entering the sender name, you can find the Drowned message you have been searching for.

Need to narrow your search result list?

You may need to typically find a specific message, but what if you failed to remember any keyword from this message and using the sender email will just bring you a big list of emails?

You still can narrow your list by using the following options:

Scope: You can determine the scope or the location where you want to search for your message

(most of the time it’s your inbox folder)

Refine: This option can be used to select different criteria of what you are searching for

From: get a list of all emails sent by a specific person

Subject: get a list of all emails sent with a specific subject line

Has attachments: mark the option of “has attachments” if the message you are searching for has one, which will bring back all emails with attachments and exclude the one having none

Sent to: you can select the list of recipients that this message was sent to

Unread: select just the unread messages from the selected folder or from all folders if you are not specifying one

Flagged: select just flagged messages

Important: get the list of emails that were marked as important

This month: you can choose to display a list of email by time frame, for example, you can choose to list all emails sent “this week” or “this month”

These are some examples and options used to narrow your search list and at the end find the needed email without costing you a lot of time.

And of course, all these options can be combined as you wish with the “AND” operation

As example:

You may need to search for an email under a specific folder, choose the scope


Received from “x” person, fill in refine the From field


Have attachments, check the has attachment from the refine tool

This way using these features, you can easily search through your email folders and find your messages in less time with less effort.