WorldPosta Sign-Up Guide

WorldPosta provides email hosting features designed to fulfil the needs of business of all types and sizes.
To provide a custom domain-based email address for all members of your organization, use the following steps to set up your WorldPosta Cloud business Email account:

(1) Sign-up

To sign up to WorldPosta, select your plan, and then click on Sign up.
In this page, you’ll have to provide some information about you to create your account in WorldPosta.

This information includes:
– First & Last name

– Admin username: Required for managing your users under your account.

– Password
: the password should be at least 8 characters and include at least 1 number.
– The domain you own: if you don’t have a domain, you can purchase yours from any domain registrars such as (GoDaddy, Name Cheap, Blue Host, or any other Domain name registrar you want).
You’ll have to prove that you own the domain by Domain verification,( this step is to perform later).
– Phone number

– Your Country

– A valid Email address: make sure that you enter a valid and accessible Email because you’ll receive a confirmation message on it to be able to access your account.
When you finish, click Next.

(2) Select your plan

In the next page, select your plan and the number of users under your account, and then click “Sign Up”.


(4) Verify Your Email

After entering your data and selecting your plan, you need to verify your email, so you’ll receive via the email you provided a link to log in and start setting up your account.
Payment: You won’t have to pay at this step, as you can try the service first for 10 users. Each will have a 100 Mb mailbox for 14 days.
You can pay anytime during the 14-day trial period.

(4) Log in and verify your domain

This step is the most important step while setting up as you will not be able to add users and use the service without verifying your domain.
So log in and start verifying your domain.

How to verify your domain?

First, you’ll have to verify the domain you’ve provided earlier to confirm that you own it.
Once you perform this step, you’ll be able to start adding your users.
Click Here To Learn How to Verify Your Domain.

(5) Adding your users:

After you verify your domain, you’ll be able to add your users.
Add one user at a time:
Learn how to create a new mailbox for a new user via WorldPosta Admin Control Panel:
1) Open WorldPosta control panel.
2) Click on Mailboxes in Hosted Organization section.

A new page will open…
3) Click on New Mailbox in the upper right corner.
4) Fill in the form with the required info.

a. Enter the new user’s First Name and Last Name (“initials” field is optional).
b. Enter the user’s Display Name which appears when sending messages.
c. Enter the user’s Email Address to create, and then select domain from the dropdown menu.
d. Click to generate a temporary Password for a user to use it the first time to log in.

5) Choose user mailbox as the type of Mailbox, and the mailbox storage plan from the list.
6) Click on “Create Mailbox”.
7) After the user mailbox is created, the user’s mailbox information page will appear.
When you’re done, click on “Save Changes and Exit”.

(5) Changing DNS Records

Now you can change your DNS Records to start sending and receiving emails.

How to Change DNS Records?

Walk through the following links:

General Instructions
How to Change DNS Records in GoDaddy.
How to Configure DNS Records in cPanel.
How to configure DNS records in Cloudflare.
How to access your mailbox

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