Adding new entry to calendar

How to add events/tasks/meetings entries

-Open the Calendar application from the application bar

-Click on the date where you want to add an entry

-A small box will pop-up where you can type your entry details and add more details by clicking on more

word image 8 - Adding new entry to calendar

In the small pop-up box you can add the following details:

Title of the Event where you can enter your entry title

-A drop down list to choose which calendar you wish to add that entry to

Starts where you can enter the start data and timing for your entry

Ends where you can enter the end data and time for your entry

If you choose to add more details you will have the following page appear as a left side menu

word image 9 - Adding new entry to calendar

Details Tab

You can add:

-your event location

-any description that you need to use describing your event

-determine the state of your event if it’s confirmed or not yet or if it’s even cancelled

-If you want to show or hide this event from other people you are sharing your calendar with.

Attendees tab

To add members who will attend the event with their email address

-Reminders tab:

To set a reminder for your event with the options that you need. You can choose the time and the type of reminder if it’s a pop-up message, and email or an audio reminder

-Repeating tab:

To set if you need to repeat this event daily or weekly or monthly or per year, or if you don’t want to repeat it at all