Anonymous Files

Anonymous files

With the anonymous upload feature, you can create your own folder and share its link with any user who is not a WorldPosta user, so that he could upload files for you without being able to see any listed files in your anonymous file drop.

This could be used as a perfect alternative for sending large files via emails.

How to create your own folder?

1) Create the folder where the files will be uploaded to.

2) Click to share that folder and choose from the options to Allow upload and editing or file drop if you want the other user to upload data only to your folder, or read only if you just want to preview your data, et voilà you created your own file drop.

word image 59 - Anonymous Files

You can send this link to anyone to upload files into your folder.

Note: if you are allowing upload and editing when the receiver clicks that link he will have a screen with where he can upload any file or drop files