CloudDesktop Data Security


When the encryption app is enabled all your files will be automatically encrypted, but after enabling this app the system will ask you to log out then login back in order for encryption app to take action.

The encryption system here uses your password to form some kind of complicated encryption code to protect your files.

When the owner shares an encrypted file, only users who are using encryption keys can access the shared file, if they try to access the folder containing this file, it will not open showing the user a yellow note asking to enable the encryption and logout then login back to activate encryption key.

The owner may need to re-share again the file so that the other users can access it after activating the encryption key.

-Recovery Key:

This key could be used as a password to restore your account and your files in case you lost your password.

It could be used as an alternative in the encryption process but in this case, the administrator will be able to read your data using a specific password.

Note: If you lost your password and the recovery key was not enabled, there is no other way to restore your files.

-WorldPosta Cloud encryption layers:

Since data protection is the most important feature that any user should be seeking

CloudDesktop is using a system of multilayer encryption protection, each layer is protecting your files against a certain threat forming a strong protection

army for your data.

These layers are:

Data transfer encryption:

WorldPosta Cloud provides security for your files during its transmission by establishing a secured connection between the server and the client

Storage encryption:

This type of encryption is used specifically to protect data on any external storage, as the data are encrypted before leaving and the key file stays on WorldPosta server.

End-To-End encryption:

You can activate this feature on all your folders, and all your files will be fully hidden from the server including file name and folders structure