CloudDesktop Gallery

The Gallery preview is where you can list all the pictures you uploaded gathered and labelled with the folder name as shown in the following picture:

How to open gallery:

-Either by clicking the gallery icon on the application bar


-Select the four small squares at the top right side, below your profile picture or avatar

-You can order pictures alphabetical or by date by clicking the two icons beside the Plus icon

-You can share your picture, by selecting the image you want to share then click the share icon on the top right side and enter the username you want to share your image with or create a sharing link

– Click on the folder name to open the images and easily navigate between them using the right and left arrows on the two sides of the picture

-To download the image click the download arrow on the top right side.

-To delete the image click the delete icon on the top right side

-To share your image click the sharing icon on the top right side

-To play an automatic slideshow click the play icon at the bottom right side