Navigation through the WorldPosta CloudDesktop

(1) The Application bar: showing the apps added to your CloudDesktop.

(2) The Sidebar: listing information related to the selected application.

(3) The preview section: where you can find the content of the selected


(4)The Home icon: It functions as a “back” button to exit the current view and move back to the previous one.

(5) The Plus icon: to create or upload new files.

(6) The search bar: to type the name of any file you are searching for

(7) The contacts search icon: to find any name in your contact list.

Click on any contact to either send them an email or start a video call

(Note: this depends on the added applications available in your application bar)

(8) The gallery preview: click on the menu icon “the square” to preview all your images

(9) Your profile picture: click on it to access your personal information settings, get help or log out