CloudSpace Deleted Files & Quotas

Deleted files:

So if you wonder how WorldPosta CloudSpace manages your deleted data, here you will find all the details that you need concerning deleted files and your storage Quotas.

When you delete any file, it’s sent automatically to be stored in the trash icon deleted files listed at the bottom left side of the file preview.

So the file is not deleted permanently unless:

-You open the deleted file folder and delete the file manually

-WorldPosta Cloud manager delete the file to free some space (will discuss this point later in the Quota)

-Each file stored in the deleted files folder expire in 30 days (this number is changeable, ask your administrator if you want to change it), any file reaches that limit will be automatically deleted

What if the deleted file is a shared file?

If as an example, the owner user shared a file with two other users, user1 and user2

and user1 deleted that file, then this file will move to the deleted file for the owner and user1, but for user2 the file will be deleted permanently


Your storage Quota is defined by the available space used to store your data.

As for the deleted files, they are not counted against your quota.

CloudDesktop manage to store the deleted files in up to 50% of your free space, so if the deleted file exceeds 50% of the free available space, the oldest files start to be deleted automatically until it reaches again the 50% maximum limit.

Your Quota counts only for your files, the files that you uploaded on your cloud and the files that you have shared, but not the files that have been shared with you.

If you share a folder allowing others to upload files to it, then this storage space will be counted against your quota.

If you re-share files that are shared with you, the storage space counts against the file owner quota, not yours.

Metadata such as encryption key, cache and temporary files, occupy about 10% of the disk space, but still not counted against your Quota.

The database for the calendar and contact apps also are not counted against your quota