Recover Permanent Deleted emails until 60 days, Backup


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- You can perform such a feature if your account is connected via MAPI Protocol or Exchange account,

- you might not able to recover the deleted items from outlook if you are connected via Imap account.

- Shift Deleted Data are not included in your mailbox size or your Quota.
- Thanks for WorldPosta full synchronization, if you recover the deleted items on a certain device 
  then it will be restored to all your devices and mail apps you are using to access WorldPosta email through.


Business email’s data is owned to the company, not the employee, So many administrators complain that the employees deleted their mailboxes’ messages before leaving the company forever; the same for users sometimes users discovered that they deleted important messages by mistake and they don’t have the ability to restore them


Local mailbox, should we talk about the difference between occurrence such problem in local mailbox Vs online mailbox.


Don’t worry, with WorldPosta you can easily restore your deleted items within 60 days after delete.

Thanks for outlook anywhere, you can find your data anywhere

With WorldPosta Recover Deleted items feature, you are safe

        Problem: You may accidentally shift delete messages which means that you permanently missed them.

       Solution: Simply login to your account and restore them

      The person who has the privilege to perform this: restore the deleted items is enabled from user level, not just the administrator.


  •           From Webmail

  1. Right-click the deleted folder from the listing in the left menu.
  2. Select Recover Deleted Items.
  3. All Shift deleted emails will move to the original folder it was deleted from and with its timestamp.


3 1 - Recover Permanent Deleted emails until 60 days, Backup


  • From Outlook

  1. Make sure you are online (your outlook is connected to the in: Microsoft Exchange)
  2. Make sure your account is Exchange not Imap.
  3. Select Folder
  4. Click Recover Deleted Items.
  1. The message will move to the original folder it was deleted from.
  1. You are optioned to select all messages in this container or select the message you need to restore depend on

Subject of the message, Date of a message and finally the person which was sent From, therefore you s=can sort the messages by

4 - Recover Permanent Deleted emails until 60 days, Backup


Unfortunately, if you didn’t find any message in you all mailbox’s folders then didn’t find it 
in shift deleted items it often had been deleted from more than 60 days or deleted 
from the shift deleted container also then it can’t be restored.