Working With Folders

Working With Folders:

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Folders features will help you organize your Email better, you can create multiple folders for your messages. WorldPosta provides default folder (system folders /special folders) which cannot be modified, renamed or deleted.

Default folders:

The following folders is the default folders of the system:

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Inbox: Incoming email messages are delivered to this by default.
(Unless you created a rule otherwise) LINKE TO RULES

Drafts: when you start a message and you don’t send it right away or when you reply but you don’t send, then it’s saved in this folder.

Sent: The Email messages you send are saved in this folder by default.

Deleted Items: When you delete any Email item (Email message or Folder), it’s automatically moved to this folder.

Junk Email: if you received any type of junk mail (Spam or any other unwanted messages) it’ll automatically saved in this folder.

Outbox: WorldPosta provides you with an option to delay sending messages for time you can set, these scheduled email messages are stored in this folder.