Configure WorldPosta on any default mobile mail app

How to set WorldPosta in Android email app

IMPORTANT: Android mobile apps may look different across different devices, and the following directions may be different in your device. Use this steps to guide you, or see your device manufacture’s help for your particular device directions.

Set WorldPosta in your built-in Android mobile email app:

1. Open your built in mobile app, the icon should look like this


2. Enter your Sign-in details (your email and password).

3. Tap Sign-in or Next.

4. You’ll prompted to select the account type, select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

5. You’ll be asked for permissions, confirm by clicking Yes or OK.

6. Now, your email should work. If not, try Manual Setup.

WorldPosta manual setup

1. Open your built-in android email app.

2. Enter your sign-in details (your email and password) then tap Manual Setup.

3. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

4. Enter the following server settings (if available):

Email Address: Enter your email [email protected] your domain

Domain/Username: Enter your email [email protected] your domain

Exchange Server/ server address / server name:

then click Next or OK.

5. You’ll be asked for permissions, confirm by clicking Yes, OK or Activate.

NOTE: follow any prompts you may receive, such as security permissions and app permissions.