Configure WorldPosta on Outlook (Manual)

Configure WorldPosta on Outlook (Manual)


This Article will help you to manually configure your mailbox and connect it to WorldPosta Exchange system without using autodiscover or automatic configuration;

  • WorldPosta provides the versions of outlook (2010, 2013 and 2016)
  • Manual configuration for outlook versions (2010, 2013) only
  • Note: For outlook version 2007; you can use IMAP configuration.


1- Open your Control Panel (from Start Menu).

2- Click on Mail > Show Profiles.

3- Click on Add to enter the new Profile Name, then click OK.

The Add Account Wizard will start:


First Step:

Select the option Manual setup or additional server types, then click Next.

Second Step:

Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service, then click Next.

Third step

– In server field, Type [[email protected]]

IMPORTANT: Replace ( with your own domain.

– In User Name field, Type your Email Address.

– Click on More Settings …

IMPORTANT: you can adjust the limit for downloading the previous messages, it’s recommended to begin with the shortest time possible to complete the process quickly.

Fourth step:

– In the Connection tab, Check on Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP box.

– Click on Exchange proxy Settings … a new window will appear

– Check the Highlighted boxes

-In field (1), type []

-In field (2), type []

– check that NTLM Authentication is selected from the dropdown menu (red highlighted)

Then Click OK.

– Click on Check Name to test your configuration
: if the Icon dimmed, then you have to enter your credentials first to start testing.

– Click Next.