Configure WorldPosta on Outlook (Manual)

Configure WorldPosta on Outlook (Manual)

1- Open your Control Panel (from Start Menu).

2- Click on Mail > Show Profiles.

3- Click on Add to enter the new Profile Name, then click OK.

The Add Account Wizard will start:


First Step:

Select the option Manual setup or additional server types, then click Next.

Second Step:

Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service, then click Next.

Third step

– In server field, Type [[email protected]]

IMPORTANT: Replace ( with your own domain.

– In User Name field, Type your Email Address.

– Click on More Settings …

IMPORTANT: you can adjust the limit for downloading the previous messages, it’s recommended to begin with the shortest time possible to complete the process quickly.

Fourth step:

– In the Connection tab, Check on Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP box.

– Click on Exchange proxy Settings … a new window will appear

– Check the Highlighted boxes

-In field (1), type []

-In field (2), type []

– check that NTLM Authentication is selected from the dropdown menu (red highlighted)

Then Click OK.

– Click on Check Name to test your configuration
: if the Icon dimmed, then you have to enter your credentials first to start testing.

– Click Next.