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About WorldPosta

WorldPosta’s Cloud Services Are Used By Many Clients All Over The World, All Their Stored Data Is Highly Secured At Our Cloud Servers Network.
We Also Maintain Our Own Datacenters. We Implement Many Strategies To Ensure That Your Organization’s Data Is Protected.
We Are Securing Our Systems And The Connection Between Availability Points By Securing All The Layers Attached; With Physical Security, Network Security, And Data Protection.

Who We Are?

WorldPosta Is An Innovative Platform Specialized In Designing, Providing, And Operating Cloud Computing Services To Help Your Business
Leverage Assets And Time.
“We Believe That The Best Way To Deliver A Great Service Is To Have Deep Understanding Of Clients’ Needs And Targets And Then Design Features Accordingly”.
WorldPosta Has Been Established In 2014 To Respond To The Modern Virtualization Revolution And Add Value To The Businesses That Seek To Facilitate The Operation Of Different Types Of Workloads.

What do We do?

Worldposta Provides A Business Email Hosting Service Based On Cloud Computing That Adopts Software-As-A-Service (Saas) Model.
It Is Built To Provide A Powerful And Stable Email Along With Collaboration Tools For Companies, Organizations Of All Sizes, And Start-Ups.
WorldPosta Has Developed A Broader Portfolio That Includes Cloud Computing Architecture That Incorporates Infrastructure Components,
Such As Storage Services, Servers, Databases, Networking, Middleware, And Operating Systems.

Our Vision

We Aspire To Be Among The Universal Industry-Leading Organizations That Accelerate The Value Of Cloud Computing Services And Be The First
And Last Resort For Businesses Worldwide To Meet Their Needs, Offering Them Outstanding Quality Services And Constant Support.

Our Mission

To Produce Fully Integrated Cloud-Based Solutions That Conform With Global Standards And Specifications And, Hence, Consolidate Their Utilities
By Means Of Powerful Applications And Feature-Rich Interfaces Through A Distinct Course Of Actions.
To Help Address The Concerns Of Businesses By Effectively Utilizing The Technological Advancement In Cloud Computing And, Consequently, Develop
Distinctive And Secure Cloud-Based Products That Feature Elasticity And Self-Service Manner.
To Make The Cloud Computing Architecture Available Believing That It Has The Caliber To Unlock Possibilities And Enable Businesses Of All Sizes to Achieve Economies Of Scale By Managing A Very Large Pool Of Computing Resources In A Highly Efficient And Cost-Effective Manner.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest news and Get Exclusive Limited-Time Offer Up to 50% Off

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and Get Exclusive Limited-Time Offer Up to 50% Off