VMware and Hyper-V Private Cloud Hosting from MyCloud.

High performance, scalable, and flexible.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting is made when your business requires a private environment, MyCloud has the solution: Private Cloud. Full scalability and flexibility with the control and customization feature you need.

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Customized Cloud Virtualization

We deploy your Private Cloud environment on our dedicated hardware environment, at our datacenters all around the world.
Our Private Cloud Hosting comes with dedicated redundant networking and storage. Choose the virtualization technology
you want and we will deploy a customized, fully-optimized Private Cloud with your specific business needs.

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Private Cloud Solutions

MyCloud Private Cloud Hosting Solutions are provisioned using the latest hardware and the advanced technologies, using
custom VMware technology to increase flexibility and portability. Make sure that all of your applications are safely settling on
advanced and maintained infrastructure in order to work exactly as planned.

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Cloud Virtualization Technologies

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Redundant Infrastructure with Automatic Failover

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Customizable Service Configurations

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Clean, and advanced control panel interface with powerful features

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Full Root and Administrative

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1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps Network Options

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24/7/365 Experts Support from our Staff of Certified Engineers

Why Choose Managed Private Cloud from MyCloud?

MyCloud Team will handle managing your server to help you focus on managing and maintaining your business systems and applications. Our team has experiences of decades in virtualization technologies, datacenters and server management and maintenance.

MyCloud Team manages every Aspect of your Server whenever you need it.

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Active Administration

We’ll actively manage your private cloud server’s resources, including CPU, network, and hard disk utilization.

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VM Provisioning, Cloning, and Removal

Using our self-service portal, you can start up, stop, and gain console access to any configured virtual machine.

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Easy System Updates

We will test every new update to ensure it won’t cause any technical issue with your systems, then install them through a cluster- aware process to ensure 100% uptime while updating your infrastructure.

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Replication/Manual Failover

Our virtual machine replication process is designed to provide fault tolerance via an increase of the necessary needed resources such as; storage, CPU, and memory requirements.

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Using our powerful control panel, private cloud hosting clients can migrate their VM to another host server in the event of system failure or load balancing. This allows virtual machines to be effortlessly redistributed amongst multiple host servers, in addition to allowing for the configuration of shared storage nodes.

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Advanced Monitoring

All virtual servers feature SNMP and hypervisor-specific performance monitoring tools to ensure both hardware and the host server are functioning properly. We also offer customized monitoring for memory, CPU, load average, network, I/O, and hard drive health.

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Advanced Management

Our team will always be dedicated to do everything in their power to ensure that your hardware, virtualization hypervisor, and virtual machines are all functioning properly. Once you encounter any issues with your private cloud system, our certified professionals and experts will be ready to help you under a consulting agreement.

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Team Full of Experts

Our Experts team include certified engineers. All of our engineers are certifies by Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, and Juniper.

MyCloud Managed Services

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Managed Server Hosting

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Server Management

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Managed Firewalls Services

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Managed Enterprise Application

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Managed (CDP) Backup

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Consulting Services

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Hosting Environment?

We can tailor your systems to your needs.

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