The Strongest Cloud Business Solution

CloudEdge and SAP applications combined to serve your business on the path to success.

Using CloudEdge We Can Host Your SAP Application On Our Servers, And You Can Enjoy A More Secure Environment And A Better Performance For Your SAP System. We Can Deploy SAP Applications, Platforms, And Database While Improving Cost, Security, And Efficiency.

All-in-one solution

CloudEdge and SAP applications
combined to serve your business on the path to success.

SAP advanced backup

Improve your business continuity with SAP backup and recovery software. WorldPosta provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-class solution that can meet the backup requirements of any size organization.

SAP anti-ransomware

Our Anti-Ransomware solution protects your SAP workload with multiple layers of protection that detect and block malicious programs. Whether it’s ransomware or other malicious behavior, we have you covered.

SAP monitor everywhere

Monitor your SAP system everywhere. You’ll get the information you need to make fact-based decisions about your business in real-time and even across the globe. And with a low total cost of ownership, you save money over time.

SAP hyper-scale with up to 24 TB memory per VM

SAP HANA for WorldPosta allows data to be processed, analyzed, and visualized on large databases at lightning speed with up to 24 TB of memory. SAP HANA stores data not only in main memory but also in fast storage serving as a cache, which speeds up queries and analyses.

SAP hybrid workload with prim and cloud provider

SAP on WorldPosta is a cloud-based platform that offers the perfect solution for SAP customers who want to run their SAP workloads in an on-premise, public cloud, or hybrid environment.

SAP migration with 0 risk

SAP migration with 0 risks to your critical business services. Migrate your existing SAP systems to the WorldPosta cloud platform without affecting your business.

WorldPosta Supportive Features

Let us help you set up an SAP system for your business or organization.


  • Availability With The DC 99.9999%
  • Our 35 Data Centers Will Secure You The Maximum Up Running Time.
  • The Most Modern Setup To Achieve The Lowest Network Latency.
  • All Security Tools & Technologies That You Need To Achieve The Maximum Security Needed.
  • Zero Trust Module “Micro Segmentation For Security Architechure
  • Matchless Complex Features
  • 24/7 Support For Your Sap With A 30-Minute Guaranteed Time Response.
  • Detected Account Manager For Your Infrastructure.
  • Available In All Countries
  • Get 2X Performance At Least Compared To Other Vendors Across The Globe.
  • A Powerful Ingredient Came From The Most Recent Manufactured
    Create And Manage Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, And Policies.
  • Network Provides The Fastest Network On Earth Up To 100 Gb
Availability and collaboration

Impressive Features for SAP products Only with WorldPosta

SAP on WorldPosta is the perfect solution for your business.

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SOC service available for your solution.

WorldPosta has the best SOC services available for your SAP products. Our team is experienced and ready to help you mitigate risk and maximize value with our Managed Security Services. Let us help you secure your latest innovations and protect your business.

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Security and cloud architecture that is ready for any complex solution.

SAP on WorldPosta is a secure cloud architecture that is ready for any complex solution. It provides security and intelligence in the cloud, with a variety of services that help you automate processes, streamline your business and protect your assets.

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Highly competitive price with any similar vendor.

We offer a highly competitive price with any similar vendor. Our prices are set at a level that is affordable for most businesses, while still allowing us to maintain our high standards of quality and service. We believe that our pricing is realistic and fair.

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Batching and updating tools.

Batching and updating tools allow you to set up your operations in a way that will save time, money, and resources.

Cloud Virtualization Technologies

Need To Know The Best Fit To Your Business?

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Stay up-to-date on the latest news and Get Exclusive Limited-Time Offer Up to 50% Off

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and Get Exclusive Limited-Time Offer Up to 50% Off