Email Advanced Protection using Sandbox

What is sandboxing?

Sandboxing is a security technology mechanism, safe, isolated environment that is used to run and analyze malicious code. The sandbox has the capability of emulating entire operating systems and it’s also used to execute suspicious files, allowing administrators to observe its output activity. Virtual machine are often used for runtime sandboxing.

Do I need a sandbox?


  • All organizations need a range of security technologies to protect them from known and unknown threats. In WorldPosta protection system we deploy a secure email gateway. All vendors who provide standalone sandbox technologies, would never suggest that their product provides a complete defense. They acknowledge that multi layers protection is necessary to protect their networks against threats, WorldPosta uses multi layers of protection to achieve this target.

Email attachment sandboxing

WorldPosta uses sandboxing techniques as a part of its security system to prevent malwares before reaching your mailbox.

Why do you need sandboxing for protection?

  • To prevent data breaches caused by advanced and zero-day threats.
  • Exposes the new and unknown threats.
  • Block more spearfishing attacks.

How it works?

  • Hackers may send you an email with malicious file in the attachment, suppose that you don’t know that it’s a virus, and your antivirus layer didn’t recognize it because it hasn’t been updated yet, it’ll harm your desktop or may infect your entire network.
    So, if you have this malicious program run through WorldPosta sandbox layer, it’ll be tested in an isolated environment to test its impact before releasing it to your mailbox.

Other sandboxing implementations:

Sandboxing is implemented by executing an untrusted code or software in a restricted operating system environment. The resources

  • Jail: a network access restrictions, with a restricted resources like filenames namespace, this type are most commonly used in virtual hosting.
  • Rule based: this implantation gives the users a full control over what process to start, or allowed to use code with other applications; the system assign access levels for users or programs, according to certain rules.
  • Virtual machine Emulate: it means that an operating system boots and runs at actual hardware, this operating systems acts like a guest which runs sandboxed with no native function with the host computer but it access host resources through the emulator.
  • Online judge: it’s a system to test programs in programming contests.
  • Sandboxing on native hosts: to analyze a malware behavior, the researchers create an environment which looks like, mimics the targeted desktops, so they can know how this malware would harm the target host.
  • HTML5: has a “sandbox” attribute.

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