Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, and Room mailbox.


Mailboxes (User mailbox):

A user mailbox is designated solely for you, structured as [email protected]. Access to it requires a license from WorldPosta and a username/password combination for login purposes. User mailboxes are intended for sending and receiving emails by the assigned user.


Shared Mailboxes:

A shared mailbox allows multiple users to access and manage email messages collectively. It can also provide a common calendar for scheduling and viewing time slots.

Reasons for setting up a shared mailbox include:

1. Offering a generic email address (e.g., [email protected]).

2. Providing centralized services for organizational departments like Human Resources or Help Desk.

3. Enabling multiple users to monitor and respond to emails sent to a specific address.

4. Handling customer email queries effectively by allowing various users to share the responsibility of monitoring and responding to the shared mailbox.

Please note that shared mailboxes do not possess their own username/password. Users cannot log in directly to a shared mailbox using mail clients (Outlook or OWA); instead, they must be granted permission to access it.


Shared Mailbox Permissions:

Shared mailboxes can be configured with the following permissions:

1. Full Access: Allows a user to log into the shared mailbox as an owner, enabling them to create, read, view, and delete calendar items, tasks, and contacts. However, users with full access require additional permissions such as Send As or Send on Behalf.

2. Send As: Enables a user to send emails from the shared mailbox, with the sender appearing as the shared mailbox address to recipients.

3. Send on Behalf: Grants a user permission to send email messages on behalf of the shared mailbox.


Distribution Lists:

Distribution lists permit the creation of a list of email addresses, facilitating the sending of messages to all members simultaneously. The list’s address functions like a regular email address. For instance, messages can be sent to all users in the finance department simultaneously.


Room Mailboxes:

A room mailbox is a resource mailbox allocated to a physical location, such as a conference room. Users can easily reserve this room by including room mailboxes in their meeting requests.


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