Why WorldPosta?


Why WorldPosta?

WorldPosta offers a next-generation, cloud-based business email solution designed for both large organizations and smaller businesses. WorldPosta Exchange Email stands out as the most popular and trusted enterprise software solution. WorldPosta’s service is tailored to ensure better workflow and multi-platform access, anytime, anywhere. Here are a few advantages of WorldPosta over Exchange alternatives:


WorldPosta’s distributed data centers across 35 availability zones worldwide guarantee optimal performance.



1. WorldPosta Supports MAPI Protocol:

MAPI over HTTP improves connection reliability and stability by adopting the industry-standard HTTP model. It facilitates faster reconnection after interruptions and offers enhanced recoverability, features not available in alternatives limited to IMAP and POP3.


2. Availability & Reliability:

WorldPosta provides a 99.9% uptime SLA, leveraging multiple redundant data centers worldwide for stable service across all platforms. Alternatives often lack such SLAs, raising concerns about stability and service availability.


3. Security:

WorldPosta employs advanced security technologies like Sandbox and Zero-day-attack protection to prevent hazards. SSL encryption secures data transmission, and mobile security allows administrators to wipe sensitive data from lost or stolen devices. Other alternatives offer basic anti-spam and anti-virus protection, leaving vulnerabilities like ransomware and malware.


4. Control:

WorldPosta’s Admin Control Panel empowers administrators to manage mailboxes, set privileges, and control ActiveSync, mail flow, and Distribution Lists—features unavailable in alternatives.


5. Anytime, Anywhere Access:

WorldPosta is compatible with all email clients and offers Online Web Access (OWA) in multiple languages. Other alternatives often support only English and lack configuration options for mail clients, limiting accessibility.


6. Storage and Attachment Limit:

WorldPosta provides 1 TB mailboxes with 50 MB attachment upload per message, a generous offering compared to alternatives that may charge extra for large storage.


7. Additional Advantages:

Incredible Search capabilities, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, Dynamic Distribution Lists, and Easiest Migration Process distinguish WorldPosta from alternatives.


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Stay up-to-date on the latest news and Get Exclusive Limited-Time Offer Up to 50% Off