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WorldPosta service designed its features to help your organization to get more out of your email.

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Cloud-based Exchange unlimited mailbox

Up to 1TB/User: TThe largest storage space for each mailbox at your disposal.

Up to 35MB attachments: Uploading larger files for every message you send.


Multi-Layer Firewalls, Multi-Layer Anti-Virus, and Intelligent Anti-Spam

SSL Encryption via all channels between server and clients

Your mailboxes are protected, hence your organization’s network and devices.

Email can be a vulnerability point of your system, it can infect your workstation and your entire network.

You can count on WorldPosta® security team to provide you with a flawless service: physically securing our data centers, undertaking high security measures for the networks, and filtering out harmful spam & malware from reaching your company’s network.

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All of the IP addresses of WorldPosta® are trusted by all email systems and service providers around the world.

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A secure, modern, fast, and ad-free email hosting for your business with rate plans that start at $0.95/month.

A Well-Defined and Simple Inyterface Multi-level Folders Drag and Drop – Rules and Fast search

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Instant acess anywhere, anytime

“Full Synchronization between different devices”


WorldPosta® is a cloud-based mail service provider that gives you the ability to access your messages via any internet connection wherever you want, be it using your mobile, desktop, or laptop.

Access your email, contacts, calendar, and tasks from any device and operating system, and with instant synchronization, all your data is available on all of your devices.

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Collaboration tools

All the tools you need during your daily operations: shared calendar, contacts, and tasks, are synchronized among all of your platforms: online web interface and outlook desktop app & mobile apps.

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Powerful and Comprehensive Admin Control Panel

Be in control over your mailboxes

  • – Multi-domains hosting and control.
  • – Alias names.
  • – Send as, send on behalf, and  full access permissions.
  • – Groups for your company sales, support, IT and other departments. 

WorldPosta® offers you the tools to ensure that you have a complete authority and administration privileges you need.

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99.9% Service Level Agreement

The highest availability for WorldPosta® service, and the highest stability, 99.9%,

which ensures you a maximum downtime of ≈8 hours a year.

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Free 24 / 7 / 365 Support

WorldPosta Support

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Hybrid Email, integrate your Google or Microsoft with WorldPosta!

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Hybrid Email Service for your current Gmail or Microsoft accounts, get all WorldPosta facilities and infrastructure, and save your money!

            WorldPosta scans your inbound and outbound messages for spam and compliance purposes, also stores the mail on your external mail server.

Some users receive mail in WorldPosta inboxes, and others can access mail from your local server.

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Reliable infrastructure maintained by experienced system engineers and Exchange experts

WorldPosta is blessed with their premier team of Exchange experts, cloud engineers, and system administrators who dedicate their long experience to offer you the ultimate level of service.

WorldPosta Infrastructure

Free, Zero-Downtime Migration with the help of a team of Exchange Experts

Exchange, IMAP/ POP3, .pst files

Use WorldPosta Easy migration tool to move your data up to WorldPosta cloud. Whatever your current hosting provider, with WorldPosta migration tool, you will be able to transfer your mailbox with the same format; folders, subfolders, and labels, without affecting the old mailbox.

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 Recover Shift Deleted items within 60 Days

 Recover the deleted sensitive messages within 356 days, and 60 days for the permanently deleted (Shift+Deleted) emails.

30-day free subscription, no questions asked!

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